We have a team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals with vast experience in semiconductor packaging industries to meet the demands of our customers.

Creative Pocket Design

  • Customized pocket for all types of devices
  • Customized pocket for higher packing density
  • Special locking pocket designed for lead protection
  • Deep pocket designed up to 25mm in depth
  • Wide width tape up to 200mm


Various Designs of Carrier Tapes

Concurrent Engineering and State of the Art Equipment

  • Simple, robust and flexible process
  • Quick setup and changeover time
  • Class 10,000 clean room



  • Highly trained QA personnel
  • OGP smartscope video measuring microscope system
  • Tape and reel machine with peel back force tester
  • Adopting SPC to control quality
  • ISO 9001/9002 certification 


Research & Development

  • Material improvement
  • Enhance productivity



  • Multi-site manufacturing plants
  • Multi-site warehouses
  • Worldwide agents and distributors
  • One-stop supplier for carrier, cover and reel
  • Multiple sources and suppliers
  • Vertical integration for raw materials


Customer Service

  • Worldwide agents and distributors
  • On-site technical support
  • Easy access to open tool list via website